How to Handle and Approach Situations with Grace

How to Handle and Approach Situations with Grace

After sharing tips on how to answer tough questions while maintaining your cool, Lynn joins author Tikiri for a second interview, this time about tackling difficult situations. How do you approach a painful conversation? How can you make the best of it and handle it with grace? That can be a tall order, but both Lynn and Tikiri have learned invaluable tips over the years. Whether you need to fire an employee, ask for a raise, endure criticism from a supervisor, or even break some bad news to a loved one, these tools will help you navigate the tricky conversations with poise.

Tikiri starts by sharing her tried-and-true 5-step process for initiating a tough conversation. She and Lynn this discuss other important considerations, like remembering to see the good in the other person and utilizing that powerful pause. And before you become too anxious, Lynn always advises to predict the best case, worst case, and most likely scenario you’ll encounter.

Want to learn more about how to gracefully approach those difficult situations? Watch the full interview with Lynn and Tikiri below:

In case you’d like a handy reminder, here’s that 5-step process Tikiri mentioned early in the interview:

Watch more from Lynn and Tikiri! Check out their first interview about answering tough questions here. And stay tuned for more interviews from this dynamic duo! From tough questions to the #MeToo movement’s effect on the workplace, Lynn and Tikiri will be back with more handy interviews in the coming months.

In the meantime, be sure to check out all the latest work advice and resources. Keep checking back here for more practical wisdoms for work and interviews with Lynn and Tikiri.

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