Why is Setting Goals So Important for Sales Results? - Mickey Quinn

Why is Setting Goals So Important for Sales Results?

Although some people seem to have more luck than others, people rarely achieve great success from mere chance. Rather, those successes are the result of setting goals and working towards them. This is true in most facets of life, and certainly in your sales career. In our new podcast, we spoke with sales expert Mickey Quinn on the value of setting goals for your business. Just in time for our New Year’s Resolutions, here’s how goal-setting can lead to greater sales results.

Watch our interview with Mickey Quinn below to learn all about setting goals and seeing sales results:

Mickey Quinn has seen great sales success throughout her career, and she decided to give back and help others see results, too. So she started Retail Level Up, a company that helps retailers and those who work in the retail industry survive and thrive in the age of Amazon. They offer coaching and training, online courses, and more to give retail businesses a stable foundation in the 21st century. To kick off our interview, Mickey shares how her career led her to launch Retail Level Up.

We then dive into the most impactful tool she discovered in her career: setting goals. Why is goal-setting so powerful? Mickey explains its value here. But be forewarned: The goal-setting process also needs the right mindset. As Mickey discusses in our interview, your mindset will directly influence the types of goals you make, as well as the plans you develop to achieve them.

Emotions will also come into play here. Mickey divulges five key emotional phases that people will generally experience when making changes. Working through changes can be hard! It can be both frustrating and thoroughly rewarding. Despite the ups and the downs we’ll face, there are ways we can manage our emotions through this process.

Ultimately, Mickey identifies a handful of universal steps to success when setting and achieving a goal. While all the self-help books will dance around these steps, Mickey lays them out clearly here.

Listen to our podcast with Mickey Quinn below!

Mickey Quinn is the founder and CEO of Retail Level Up. You can find out more about the coaching, training, and courses she offers at her official website here.

Be sure to read Mickey’s blog on the five stages of change here. You’ll also want to tune into her Retail Level Up podcast here.

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