The 6 Steps You Need to Plan and Complete Any Project -- Amanda Ross

The 6 Steps You Need to Plan and Complete Any Project

We all have dreams and goals, but what about fool-proof plans? Most of you know where I’m going with this: It can be so hard to make a plan and actually stick to it, am I right?! How are we supposed to go about accomplishing our goals and checking each project off of our to-do lists? We at Petite2Queen had the same questions, and luckily, we got answers. Amanda Ross joined us to share her six-step framework for how to plan any project and actually complete it. After listening to our new podcast, you’ll be ready to tackle any project!

Learn the six steps to successfully complete your projects in our podcast with Amanda Ross here:

Amanda Ross has been successfully managing projects for years, and she’s locked down a method that makes even the biggest mountains of tasks scalable. We kick off the podcast with a discussion of Amanda’s work as a coach and marketing team leader.

Now, what is that six-step framework we mentioned? As Amanda explains in our podcast, her acronym FINISH can help you, well, finish every project and meet your deadlines. But you’ll have to listen above to find out what each of those letters stands for!

Is the FINISH framework applicable to every project? What about the major pitfalls we all run into when planning projects: how does this framework overcome those pitfalls? What are some of the greater takeaways of this framework? Amanda reveals all this and more in our new podcast.

If you’re ready to become a project-completing champion, be sure to listen to our podcast with Amanda Ross above!

6-Step Framework Complete Project - FINISH

Before you go: Do you want a FINISH framework freebie? Amanda Ross has something special to share with you right here.

Amanda Ross is the owner of SparkLab, a creative agency with a focus on product development, planning, and branding. She also co-hosts the RossSquared Podcast about branding for purpose-driven female leaders.

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