How to Stay Positive and Keep Business on Track in 2020

How to Stay Positive and Keep Business on Track in 2020

Probably all of us can agree that 2020 has been an unpredictable and turbulent year. It’s also no secret that countless businesses and workers have been affected by COVID-19, whether that’s meant putting in new safety measures for onsite work, transitioning to a work-from-home position, or losing jobs and even going out of business. It’s an incredibly tough time. How can you stay positive through all this, both personally and professionally? In our new podcast, business consultant Jennifer Longmore shares her tips on how you can keep a forward-thinking mindset and protect your business.

Discover ways to stay positive in our new podcast with Jennifer Longmore below:

Jennifer Longmore is a company culture, leadership, and high performance consultant. She’s also the CEO of Soul Journeys, a best-selling author, a podcaster, and world-renowned as a leading authority on soul purpose.

Our discussion begins with Jennifer’s intersection of business coaching and helping clients nurture their soul. With the state of the world today, Jennifer’s coaching has changed in response to the new set of circumstances we’re all experiencing.

How can people keep their energy high, in spite of all 2020 has thrown at us so far? Jennifer talks about the need to disconnect from negativity – as much as you can, at least! – and the immense value of self-care. No matter how busy your schedule or how unbalanced your life may be, self-care is vital to supporting good mental health.

What about on the business side of things? What business activities can professionals focus on so their organizations stay on a good path? Jennifer shares additional tips to help your business and your team. Whether you’re a business leader or a newer employee, there’s much you can do to lift morale and help the company survive. Be prepared and unafraid to lead, but also know when to work collaboratively.

We end the discussion with final tips on how to thrive despite it all. Jennifer talks about ways to set boundaries, eliminate clutter, and reduce stress. And don’t underestimate the power of nature to help upgrade your mindset. Follow these steps, and we’re sure you’ll feel a little more prepared to handle 2020.

How to Stay Positive and Keep Business on Track in 2020

Before you leave, be sure to learn more about Jennifer Longmore at her official site, and check out her organization, Soul Journeys.

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