My Passionate Journey of Creating a Successful Business - Angela Shen

My Passionate Journey of Creating a Successful Business

How do you combine your passions with an opportunity to turn them into a business? What if your passion is, say, food? You can find out in our new podcast interview with Angela Shen, a food-loving entrepreneur who got the idea for and started her own successful culinary touring company, Savor Seattle Food Tours. From a daughter of immigrants running their own restaurant to a key position at Quaker Oats to getting into the world of food tours, Angela has followed a passionate journey centered on cuisine. After leaving Chicago, Angela moved to the Pacific Northwest to start Savor Seattle. Tourists and locals alike have been delighting in her top rated food tours ever since!

So how did Angela navigate this tasty ride? In our new interview, we learned what inspired her to start her own business and how those previous experiences shaped her idea for what she wanted to do with her company. She reveals what it was like setting up her company’s team and taking on a leadership role for the first time. The interview ends with Angela’s advice for people who may want to pursue a passion and become entrepreneurs themselves.

It’s a thrilling conversation that will leave you inspired, motivated… and maybe a little hungry!

Find out more about Savor Seattle Food Tours on their official website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Ready to discover more about Angela Shen’s passionate journey to becoming a successful business owner? Listen to our delectable interview with Angela below:
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