Gain Colossal Lead Gen and Growth When You Stop This Now - Sheridan James

Gain Colossal Lead Gen and Growth When You Stop This Now

In sales, one of the most important steps of the sales funnel is lead gen. If you can’t generate quality leads, you won’t be able to convert those prospects into paying clients. So how can you increase your leads and see greater growth? We spoke with Sheridan James, a marketing consultant and digital marketing expert, on how to improve your sales, starting with leads.

Watch our podcast with Sheridan James to learn all about increasing your lead gen now:

Sheridan James is a marketing consultant, digital marketing expert, client manager, content creator, copywriter, and connector in all things business and lifestyle. She is usually online with a dog or a child nearby.

Driven by results, Sheridan helps clients articulate their brand, build their businesses, connect with their audiences, grow their impact, and engage with their communities and retain their customers. 

As the founder of Bare Essentials, Sheridan works with clients to amplify their success, reap the financial rewards they deserve and have a damn good time doing it.

She provides all the support you need to grow your business exponentially AND have the freedom to focus on what lights you up and where you deliver the most value.

Businesses who align with Sheridan love her energy and genuine approach to their business and success. She only promotes products or services she would recommend to a friend – rare in the world of marketing!

Gaining Quality Sales Leads

To start our podcast, we learn about Sheridan’s background. She shares about her career and how she became passionate about – and so talented at! – marketing and sales. Sheridan describes how she founded Bare Marketing and how she helps clients with their marketing and sales efforts today.

What is the process to improving lead gen? Sheridan explains the steps to take to generating better leads. Do you know your target market? Do you know where to find them? Are previous and existing clients willing to refer others to your business? Sheridan dives into her top tips for uncovering more leads. She also examines some of the top obstacles to finding prospects and how to overcome those hurdles.

We end our conversation with Sheridan’s top actionable tips for improving your lead gen today.

Listen to our podcast with Sheridan for more on gaining sales leads:

To learn more, check out Sheridan James’s official website for Bare Marketing. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and follow Bare Marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

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