Copywriting Secrets Revealed on how to Convert Leads to Clients

Copywriting Secrets Revealed on how to Convert Leads to Clients

The Future Forward Sales podcast is committed to helping you, our listeners, reach new heights in your sales success. Each episode is an opportunity to learn from another business leader’s journey and success. This week, we’re learning how to convert leads into clients via copywriting.

Watch our interview with Csaba Borzasi to learn the copywriting secrets that convert leads into clients!

Csaba Borzasi is a former psychology researcher turned direct response marketing consultant and sales funnel copywriter. For years, he struggled to create profitable marketing campaigns for his clients (and himself) that actually made money… but was getting nowhere, and he was at the end of my rope. Then Csaba decided to go all-in to discover the timeless fundamentals of the “ultimate persuasive skill”: direct response copywriting. He even went as far as breaking down 100 proven sales letters in 100 days to uncover the master secrets of the most elite copywriters of all time (while documenting his own process through daily YouTube videos). Today, Csaba helps ambitious 7- and 8-figure online businesses convert more casual leads into high-AOV customers and plug the holes in their “leaky” funnels.

To learn more about Csaba’s secrets, we asked him

  1. What is company does; 
  2. What the biggest challenges his clients face are;
  3. Why copywriting is a bigger issue than ever now;
  4. What hidden critical success factors Csaba delivers;
  5. Why those factors are often a blindspot for people; and
  6. What action clients must take to overcome bad copywriting.

Listen to our interview with Csaba to learn how he converts leads into clients!

If you want to learn more about Csaba and what he’s doing, you can head over to his website to learn his copywriting secrets. You can also find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Finally, you can check out his 100-Day Proven Sales Letter Breakdown Playlist!

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