Why the Power of Borrowed Ethos is Vital For Your Success - Chad Nedland

Why the Power of Borrowed Ethos is Vital For Your Success

Here at Future Forward Sales, we are committed to helping you reach new heights in your sales success. That’s why we do the Future Forward Sales podcast – each episode is an opportunity to learn from another business leader’s journey and success. This episode is all about Borrowed Ethos and how it can help you succeed.

Find out why the Power of Borrowed Ethos is vital for your success!

In this episode, Lynn had the pleasure of speaking with Chad Nedland, Founder of Nedland Enterprises LLC. Chad is an author and a business coach specializing in increasing profits and streamlining businesses. He amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience of 23 years of starting, running, and selling multiple businesses in addition to marketing digital products online.

However, getting to this point was not an easy road! He did not come from a life of wealth or privilege and also found himself living without a home multiple times. Chad admits that those were not low points in his life – they were stepping stones to his future, and he chose a life of service to those who cross his path. With a heart full of love he will have no problem hitting you with truth so hard it’ll make your head spin! Chad is not your average coach and all that know him will tell you the same thing…

To find out more about Chad’s recipe for success, Lynn asked

  1. How he got inspired to get started helping people cultivate the Power of Borrowed Ethos; 
  2. What Chad’s process was to begin helping people;
  3. How he was held back on mission;
  4. What else holds people back; 
  5. What should listeners do next. 

If you want to cultivate your power, listen to the interview with Chad!

If you want to learn more about Chad and his Power of Borrowed Ethos, you can check out his website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram!

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