How to Almost Remove Transaction Fees and Increase Profit Margins with Jay Becker

How to Almost Remove Transaction Fees and Increase Profit Margins

A great way to learn how to succeed in sales and business is to hear the stories of entrepreneurs who already have. The Future Forward Sales podcast introduces listeners to brilliant business leaders who share their top tips on how to go the distance. Check out today’s episode to hear about limiting transaction fees!

Watch this episode to learn how to minimize transaction fees with Jay Becker to get the most bang for your buck!

This episode features special guest Jay Becker to talk about minimizing transaction fees to increase profit margins. Entrepreneurs hire Jay to almost entirely remove transaction fees because most businesses are using payment processors that are expensive, outdated, and unreliable. So, Jay helps companies radically increase their profit margins. Bottom line: Jay will maximize your take home revenue and stop letting fossils process your transactions. Jay can explain crypto to a grandma!

We wanted to learn more about how Jay increases profit margins, so we asked

  1. What inspired him to get started helping people remove transaction fees;
  2. How Jay does this and whether he has/what is his process;
  3. What held him back?
  4. What he thinks holds other back from shrinking transaction fees; and
  5. What you, the listeners, should do next to increase your profit margins!

If you want to increase your profit margins, listen to our interview with Jay to learn how!

If you want to learn more about how Jay Becker can help you increase your profit margin, check out his website and book a call with him! You can also check out his book, The Bitcoin Standard.

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