Proven Step-by-Step System to Attracting Profitable Prospects with Referrals

Proven Step-by-Step System to Attracting Profitable Prospects with Referrals

The Future Forward Sales podcast provides our listeners with inspiration to build success and meet their sales goals. We do this by presenting a different successful entrepreneur each week; they share their stories of achieving their entrepreneurial dreams. This week, we have Brandon Barnum to share his system of attracing profitable prospects via referrals.

Watch this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast to learn how to get profitable prospects using referrals!

Brandon is often referred to as the “King of Referrals” and is the #1 best-selling author of Raving Referrals. He is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, and workshop leader. Brandon also serves as CEO of – the #1 Referral Network for Home Service Professionals, and as Chairman of the Board of The Champions Institute. He is a highly sought-after expert in referrals, marketing, sales, joint ventures, business development, and business growth strategies.

While a single dad in 1997, Brandon was an early technology innovator featuring real estate property listings from Realtors whom he partnered with and promoted. After learning the art and science of referrals, he increased his annual income 10X from $20K to $200K in just 18 months. Brandon has since closed over $500 million in transactions by referral. He has also has founded multiple local and online referral platforms and networks connecting more than 5 million members in 195 countries.

Brandon shares his method of attracting valuable prospects to his business through the magic of referrals – take a listen!

If you want to learn more about Brandon’s step-by-step guide to success, you can check out his website. You can also find him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram! And don’t forget to read his book and even take a quiz to find out your referral score!

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