How to Bridge the Learning Gap with the Best Process for Your Brain

How to Bridge the Learning Gap with the Best Process for Your Brain

The Future Forward Sales podcast introduces accomplished business leaders and entrepreneurs to share their stories of achieving success. Their journeys serve to inspire our audience to up their game in sales and entrepreneurship. This episode motivates you to bridge the learning gap by customizing the learning process for you.

Learn how Cosimo helps his clients overcome their learning gap by watching this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast!

Cosimo Intermite is a highly credentialed instructor of learning techniques. He has master level certifications in the following fields: Mind Maps, Speed Reading, Micro-Facial Expressions, Team building, Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Goal Setting, Decision-Making, Personal Development, Time Management, and Memory Techniques.

Born and raised in Italy, Cosimo and his wife enjoy training people all over the world from their Denver office. They customize programs that are unique to each person’s learning style and brain development. Cosimo believes “Everyone loves to learn, but what they don’t like is the learning process” so he bridges that learning gap by teaching people the best process for their brain.

To learn more about Cosimo’s work and how he impacts his clients, we asked him:

  1. What his company does; 
  2. What this biggest challenge his clients face is; 
  3. Why bridging the learning gap is more urgent than ever;
  4. How this challenge costs his clients’ ultimate goals; and
  5. What the hidden critical success factors that Cosimo delivers are.

Learn how you can learn to love learning again in our interview with Cosimo!

To learn more about Cosimo, you can check out his website and find him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

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