How to Transform Debt into Wealth and Take Control of Your Finances

How to Transform Debt into Wealth and Take Control of Your Finances

The Future Forward Sales podcast offers inspiration to our audience by featuring business leaders to share their success stories. Each one is proof that you, too, can build a successful business! This week, we’re discussing how to transform debt from a negative to a literal positive!

Learn how you can transform debt into wealth by watching our interview with Michael Hession!

Michael Hession first learned about Infinite Banking Concepts — or IBC — about seven years ago when he was working in his first life insurance company and learning about the many benefits of life insurance beyond what most people think of when it comes to mind (i.e., financial protection for your loved ones when you die).

Michael knew that he wanted to implement this into his own and his family’s lives as a truly remarkable way to store, grow, and access wealth tax-free, with zero stock market risk & with tremendous control. By utilizing infinite banking concepts, one can turn debt into wealth, experience the magic that is uninterrupted compounding growth of capital, and create intergenerational wealth.

Unfortunately, there are many financial professionals out there professing to ‘do IBC’ who are doing so incorrectly, often for their own financial gain rather than the clients.  Whereas, Michael is an authorized infinite banking concept practitioner, who sets his clients up for success, using the right type of whole life policies designed the right way, with the right companies.

Over the years, Michael has seen a lot and has yet to experience anything more powerful and beneficial than the Infinite Banking Concept when implemented correctly.

We wanted to learn more about what Michael does, so we asked him

  1. What he does;
  2. What this biggest challenge is that people face regarding IBC;
  3. Why IBC is more important now than ever;
  4. How challenges to IBC that people face can cost them their ultimate goals;
  5. How Michael delivers success to his clients;
  6. Why his methods of success are often overlooked by other IBC experts; and
  7. What one action is that his clients must take to move toward success.

To find out how you can take control of your finances, listen to this interview with Michael!

To learn more about Michael and what he does, you can find him at his website or on LinkedIn!

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