The Very Beginning with Lynn Whitbeck

Sales Success: The Very Beginning with Lynn Whitbeck

Do you want to reach your fullest sales potential? At Future Forward Sales, we care about helping you achieve sales success, and one way we do that is with our podcast: Each episode features another business leader’s journey to success.

Hear about Lynn’s Passion and Journey to Sales Success in Our Podcast Below:

In our inaugural episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast, we feature our very own Lynn Whitbeck, CEO and Founder Future Forward Sales, as well as CEO and Founder of Petite2Queen. Lynn has over 30 years’ experience in the sales industry and has extensive experience as Vice President of Business Development and COO of direct consumer technology start-ups. Building on these experiences and successes, Lynn transitioned to executive consulting, wherein she helped clients develop and manage their client programs. Lynn is passionate about empowering people to become their best selves, which is why she founded Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales – to help you succeed.

To learn about Lynn’s journey, we asked

  1. How Lynn’s journey brought her to helping others achieve sales success;
  2. How she creates novel opportunities in order to best serve her clients;
  3. In what ways Lynn thinks outside the box to find the best solutions;
  4. What it is that sets Future Forward Sales apart from our competitors;
  5. What she envisions is the future of Future Forward Sales and how she will get there; and
  6. What Lynn is most passionate about.

To discover more about Lynn’s journey from start to success, check out this episode! Lynn shares some amazing wisdom that will certainly help you reach your full potential.

If you want to learn more about Lynn, you can connect with her on LinkedIn. You can also, of course, check out the “About” section of this very website, Petite2Queen.

Future Forward Sales has a superpower: empowering business owners to transform their sales and grow their business. Join our tried-and-true sales training program to uncover sustainable value, tap proven short cuts, and achieve your goals. Future Forward Sales is powered by Petite2Queen.

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