How to Protect Your Assets and Stop Bleeding Money

How to Protect Your Assets and Stop Bleeding Money

Do you find inspiration in the success of others? If you answered “yes,” you’re in the right place! The Future Forward Sales podcast is all about inviting business leaders to tell their stories of how they made it and share their tips on how you can make it, too. In this episode, we learn about how to protect our assets and save money.

Watch our interview with Patricia Reszetylo to learn how to protect your assets!

Patricia Reszetylo is all about helping businesses protect themselves. Small- and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs hire Patricia’s team to “outsmart the IRS using IRS tools.” Most business advisors don’t know how to do this, which can leave the business owners hemorrhaging money. It can also leave their assets wide open to lawsuits and judgements. Patricia helps these entrepreneurs take back their power, reclaim their profits, and give them control over their life. Bottom line: Patricia’s clients have up to 15% more net profit in their business from the same revenue.

We wanted to learn more about how Patricia created her business and found success, so we asked her

  1. What inspired her to begin helping people protect their assets;
  2. How Patricia does this and what her process is like;
  3. What has held her back in building this business and helping people;
  4. What Patricia thinks holds other people back in building their businesses and protecting their assets; and
  5. Her tips for what listeners should do next to protect their money.

To find out how you can stop your business bleeding money, listen to our interview with Patricia!

If you want to learn more about Patricia and what she does, you can check out her website, book, and YouTube channel. You can also find her on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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