How to Become a Great Leader and Make a Real, Lasting Impact!

How to Become a Great Leader and Make a Real, Lasting Impact!

The Future Forward Sales podcast works to helping you reach new heights in your sales success. That’s why each episode provides an opportunity to learn from another business leader’s journey and success. This week, we discuss how to lead your business in creating a lasting impact on your community.

Learn how to become a great leader and make a lasting impact in our interview with Jeff Reynolds!

Jeff Reynolds is an entrepreneur and advisor with over 20 years experience in marketing. He teaches established companies how to think and act more like startups. He also teaches startup founders how to grow into established companies. Jeff’s focus is to guide companies so they can create meaningful, systematic marketing departments that meet goals through an aligned strategy. He is passionate about mentoring Marketing Managers and providing them with the tools to build courage and lead their marketing teams to produce the best output. His first book on this exact subject, The Monster That Ate Marketing, is set to be published in the summer of 2022.

For the past six years he’s been president of Reynolds + Meyers (R+M), a marketing agency specializing in food and shelter companies, and now he’s excited to branch into the consulting space.

To learn more about Jeff and his company, we asked

  1. What Reynolds + Meyers does;
  2. Why creating a big impact is more important than ever;
  3. What the biggest challenge is that his clients face;
  4. How that challenge deprives his clients their ultimate goals;
  5. What success factors Reynolds + Meyers delivers;
  6. Why these factors are frequently a blind spot for business owners; and
  7. What one essential action is that his clients must take to achieve their goals.

Listen to our conversation with Jeff to hear his recipe for great leadership and great results!

To learn more about Jeff and his work, check out or his personal website, LinkedIn, or Twitter!

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