How to Speak to Profit and Close 5 to 6-Figures Every Time You Open Your Mouth

How to Speak to Profit and Close 5- to 6-Figures Every Time You Open Your Mouth

The Future Forward Sales podcast is committed to helping you reach new heights in your sales success. Each episode is an opportunity to learn from another business leader’s journey and success! This week, we discuss how to speak to profit and close more (and more lucrative) sales.

Learn how to speak to profit and close 5- to 6-figures every time you open your mouth in our interview with Jane M Powers!

Using her straight-forward, big-hearted style, Jane M Powers guides thousands to prosper with her “Speak to Profit Formula.” With decades of successful speaking and coaching, and, perhaps most important of all, real-life experience founding and running multi-million-dollar businesses, Jane appreciates that success is truly about the power of your CORE message.

With over 30 years of sales success as a Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur, Jane brings you everything you need to ensure a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Jane is known for her practical, down-to-earth style. Jane’ s fusion of savvy conversational techniques and real-life stories allow her to connect with her audience on an intensely captivating level. For over 25 years Jane has been stepping into the spotlight with a signature talk moving people to action to make more money, have more fun and most of all – make a difference.

We wanted to learn more about Jane’s business, so we asked her

  1. What her company does; 
  2. What the biggest challenge her clients face is;
  3. How this challenge costs her clients their ultimate goals; 
  4. How Jane delivers vital factors for success;
  5. Why people tend to miss these factors; and
  6. What one essential action is that Jane’s clients must take to overcome their major challenge.

To find out how you can speak yourself into prosperity, listen to this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast!

To learn more about Jane, check out her website and find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

Future Forward Sales has a superpower: empowering business owners to transform their sales and grow their business. Join our tried-and-true sales training program to uncover sustainable value, tap proven short cuts, and achieve your goals. Future Forward Sales is powered by Petite2Queen.

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