Pandemic Shift From 1 P- Profit to 4 Ps- Profit, People, Planet, and Purpose

Pandemic Shift From 1 P- Profit to 4 Ps- Profit, People, Planet, and Purpose

The Future Forward Sales podcast is all about helping our audience reach the summits of success. This podcast introduces business leaders to share their journeys to success. This episode covers the pandemic shift to a more holistic approach to business.

Watch our interview with Michele Risa to learn about the pandemic shift from 1-P profit to 4-P Profit, People, Planet, and Purpose!

Having kicked cancer amid the pandemic, Michele created “360 Health” to use science and your heart to transform illness into prevention. She also helps navigate dark moments of life with ease and grace, and create a stunning, elegant life, however you define it. 

Michele is CEO and Founder of Collaborative Solutions, Inc. She works with executive leaders during these demanding pandemic times to shift from 1 P- Profit to 4 Ps- Profit, People, Planet, and Purpose, creating sustainable, evolutionary change. Due to the pandemic and the hemorrhaging of talent, Michele turns the “Great Resignation” into the “Great Retention.” This decreases the huge financial expense while increasing engagement and loyalty.

Michele is passionate about authenticity, spreading the truth about the glory of aging as a two-time marathon runner, and creating belonging within the human family.

To learn more about Michele’s work, we asked her

  1. What her company does;
  2. Why addressing the pandemic shift is more urgent than ever;
  3. What the biggest challenge is that her clients face;
  4. How this challenge costs her clients their ultimate goals;
  5. How Michele delivers her clients to success;
  6. Why her methods are so often a blind spot; and
  7. What one essential action is that her clients must take.

Listen to our interview with Michele to learn how the pandemic expanded her focus to a holistic approach to business!

If you want to learn more about Michele and her work, you can check out her website or find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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