The Minefield Most Ambitious Women Must Navigate on Their Way to the Top

The Minefield Most Ambitious Women Must Navigate on Their Way to the Top

The Future Forward Sales podcast endeavors to provide the inspiration you need to build up your sales to new heights. Each episode introduces a new business leader to share their story of success from the ground up. This week’s episode is about ambitious women climbing to the top.

Watch our interview with Carrie Gallant to learn how ambitious women can reach the summit of their careers!

Carrie Gallant is a women’s empowerment and leadership coach, and coauthor of Conversation Secrets for Tomorrow’s Leaders: 21 Obvious Secrets Leaders Do Not Use Enough. As a former lawyer and executive, she truly understands the minefield many ambitious women navigate on their way to the top. Carrie helps women business leaders to communicate and negotiate with confidence, earn their full worth, and influence change with impact. 

Carrie is founder of the Gallant LeaderTM Institute and the EARN Your WorthTM Leaders Lab, an accredited Negotiation Consultant with ENS International and certified in Conversational Intelligence® and Authentic Leadership for Teams®. Her Art of Negotiation for Women model and training is featured in Tara Mohr’s acclaimed women’s leadership program, Playing Big; WNORTH’s 360 Leadership Program; and the Women’s Enterprise Centre of British Columbia.  

To learn more about Carrie’s business, we asked:

  1. Tell me who you are and what your company does?
  2. What is the biggest challenge your clients face?
  3. Why is this issue more urgent than ever?  
  4. How does the challenge cost the client their ultimate goal?
  5. What are the hidden critical success factors you deliver?
  6. Why are these factors typically a blind spot?
  7. What is the one essential action clients must take to overcome this challenge?

Find out how women can navigate the minefield on their way to career success by listening to our episode with Carrie Gallant!

To learn more about Carrie and her work, check out her website and the Gallant LeaderTM Institute. You can also find her on LinkedIn and Instagram, and you can also book a chat with her!

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