How Genuine Passion & Alliances Generates Valuable Referrals

How Genuine Passion & Alliances Generate Valuable Referrals

In this highly competitive world, it can be hard to get valuable referrals. How can you inspire existing clients to spread the love and send new prospects your way? We spoke with the King of Referrals, Brandon Barnum, about the secret to warm leads. It all starts with genuine passion and strong alliances.

Watch our podcast with Brandon Barnum for your primer on gaining valuable referrals:

Brandon Barnum is often referred to as the “King of Referrals” and is the #1 best-selling author of Raving Referrals. 

He is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, and workshop leader. 

Brandon serves as CEO of – the #1 Referral Network for Home Service Professionals, and as Chairman of the Board of The Champions Institute. 

He is a highly sought-after expert in referrals, marketing, sales, joint ventures, business development, and business growth strategies.

While a single dad in 1997, Brandon was an early technology innovator featuring real estate property listings from Realtors whom he partnered with and promoted. 

After learning the art and science of referrals, he increased his annual income 10X from $20K to $200K in just 18 months.

Brandon has since closed over $500 million in transactions by referral and has founded multiple local and online referral platforms and networks connecting more than 5 million members in 195 countries.

To begin our conversation, Brandon reveals what inspired him to get started building He describes his background, his passion for building connections, and how works.

Brandon then shares about his process for building community and alliances. Having good communication is an important element, but it must also come from a genuine place. Brandon outlines how to foster connection among a team or community.

Brandon then turns to the topic on which he reigns supreme: referrals! How do strategic alliances correlate to referrals? He describes the relationship between alliances and valuable referrals, and how the former can lead to the latter. Brandon also offers tips on how to ask your connections for referrals.

What should listeners do next to build their own referral network? Brandon leaves us with his best advice that you can put into action today.

Listen to our podcast with Brandon for more on genuine connection and referrals:

To learn more about Brandon Barnum, check out the websites for HOA and Raving Referrals. Be sure to take the Referral Score Quiz here! You can also connect with Brandon on LinkedIn, and follow his companies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Pick up his book, Raving Referrals: The Proven Step-By-Step System to Attract Profitable Prospects, here.

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