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Active Leadership: Tenets That Lead to Truly Great Leadership

In your career, it is vital that you develop your leadership qualities. Especially as you rise up in managerial roles, you need to lead with confidence and inspire great work from your colleagues. What are the tenets that will lead to being a truly great leader? We spoke with leadership expert Dan Kopp about the core principles necessary for active leadership.

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Dan Kopp is originally from Platteville, WI. After high school, he entered the United States Army as a military police officer serving in Frankfurt, Germany, The Republic of Panamá, and Fort Devens, MA. Dan served in various leadership roles in the military prior to transitioning into public education where he taught and ultimately held several executive roles. 

Dan practices situational leadership while focusing on those he serves. 

In 2019, Dan, along with two partners, started Dinamico, Inc. He works as a compensation expert helping employers make connections with their employees via their compensation systems which helps them attract and retain great people and ultimately saves them time and money. 

In July 2022, Dan followed his passion and started Leading Like a Buffalo, Inc., and continues to coach and mentor leaders across the country. 

In September 2022, Dan released his first book, The Power of Me Leadership: 9 Leadership Tenets for EVERY Leader, in which he discusses tenets that will help people become better leaders.

To begin our discussion, we learn more about Dan’s background. He describes his experiences serving in the United States Army and the leadership roles he had within the military. This paved the way for him starting two businesses: Dinamico and Leading Like a Buffalo. Most recently, Dan shared his expertise in a book to help people become better leaders.

What is active leadership? What is the process to becoming a good active leader? As Dan explains, it starts from following some key tenets. He outlines those tenets here, and goes into how active leadership will set you apart from others in such roles. Authenticity, compassion, and more will help you excel as a leader.

For many, becoming a good leader is difficult. We may have personal doubts about our qualities or how to best interact with those we lead. Dan discusses some of the obstacles we may face and how to get around them. Don’t hold yourself back from being a stellar leader!

We end our conversation with Dan’s top tips to work towards better active leadership today.

Listen to our podcast with Dan for more about great leadership:

To learn more, check out Dan Kopp’s official websites for DinamiCo and Leading Like a Buffalo. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter. Be sure to also pick up his book, The Power of Me Leadership: 9 Leadership Tenets for EVERY Leader.

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