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How to Create a Personal Image That Aligns With Your Business Brand

We’ve all heard about the importance of having a clear brand for your business. It’s how your organization communicates what it’s all about and attracts the kinds of customers or clients it can best serve. But if you’re the face of that company or otherwise visible in your role there, it’s also vital to have a personal image that aligns with the business brand. How do you do that? We spoke with Tracy Pohlmann, a personal image expert and trainer, about how she helps women feel great about the way they look, build their confidence, and get noticed more by their ideal clients.

Watch our podcast with Tracy Pohlmann to learn how to make over your personal image:

Tracy Pohlmann is an award-winning speaker, certified trainer, entrepreneur, and professional image expert.

She has assisted over 9,000 women in creating a stylish and professional personal image to advance their careers and attract their ideal customers.

Tracy is passionate about helping professional women discover a simple, cost-effective way to dress so they can feel great about the way they look no matter their age or shape, exude more confidence, and create an impression that makes them shine in their career.

To begin our discussion, Tracy reveals her background. What led her to into entrepreneurship, training, award-winning speaking, and helping women with their personal image? How did she determine the value of establishing a strong personal brand that aligns with the one for your business? Tracy describes her career and how she serves her clients today.

What is the process for constructing your personal image? How do you make it match the business brand without feeling forced or inauthentic? Tracy explains the steps here. You must consider how you see yourself now and how you want to be seen. She then helps women with their external image (for example, how you dress) as well as their internal image (your confidence). Indeed, the two go hand-in-hand: The better you feel about yourself, the better image you’ll exude to others.

We all face obstacles about ourselves. They can stem from negative messages we’ve gotten from others, and those doubts can become internalized negative self-talk. We may also doubt that being true to ourselves will be well received. Will others think I look too unfashionable? Too quirky? Tracy helps clients overcome their personal doubts and even low self-esteem on their path to increased confidence.

Our podcast ends with Tracy’s tips on how to make the initial changes to your personal image now.

Listen to our podcast with Tracy for more about confidence, your personal brand, and attracting your ideal clients:

To learn more, check out Tracy’s official website. Be sure to get a free consultation with her here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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