How Entrepreneurship Can Make Women More Equal and Free - Debra Muth

How Entrepreneurship Can Make Women More Equal and Free

Feminism isn’t new, but after decades and centuries of fighting for equality, we still have much progress to make. One way that women can find more freedom and equality is through starting their own businesses. How is that? We spoke with Dr. Debra Muth about why entrepreneurship is so powerful in giving women agency and leveling the playing field.

Watch our podcast with Debra Muth to learn how entrepreneurship can pave the way for women’s equality:

Dr. Debra Muth is a women’s health expert, founder of Serenity Health Care Center and 15K A Day Doc Integrative Medical Program, and she successfully runs three businesses. She graduated from nursing school in 1995 and completed her nurse practitioner degree in 1998. Fascinated by the growing field of anti-aging, she studied for three years to complete her doctorate in naturopathic medicine and to become a board-certified anti-aging regenerative medicine specialist. Between 2003 and 2011, Dr. Deb was building an integrative medical practice as a co-owner at Spring City Health Centre, a functional medical practice.

In 2011, Dr. Deb founded Serenity Health Care Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin and achieved the status of master herbalist. Over the years, in addition to the daily practice, Dr. Muth added author, lecturer, and trainer to her career portfolio. She authored The Dark Side of Injury and The Essence of Health and Vitality – Your Guide to Healthy Living. A prolific speaker, she has provided over 150 lectures to patients and peers throughout the United States, on topics ranging from hormones to detoxification to spiritual living.

Women Entrepreneurship

Debra is interested in achieving gender equality through female entrepreneurship. Why does she see entrepreneurship as an effective path toward gender parity? We begin our discussion with the ways that starting a business can positively impact women, from what they earn to the kind of work they do to the balance they have in their lives.

Of course, building a business takes a lot of work, and women can face extra barriers or hurdles in getting it started. All of the time and energy that goes into launching a business can easily lead to burnout. How can a woman be a powerhouse in business and avoid burning out? Debra offers her tips on how to maintain a healthy personal life despite the work stresses.

Femininity vs. Business

Another thing to consider is the relationship between business and femininity. Indeed, our society often places career ambition as being counter to femininity, but for many women, that simply isn’t a fair dichotomy. Debra shares how she defines femininity, as well as ways women entrepreneurs can balance business and femininity. The two do not need to be at odds, even if some members of society don’t yet recognize that.

Path to Freedom

Now to the fundamental idea of this podcast: How does entrepreneurship provide freedom for women? Debra discusses the numerous ways that being your own boss, your own business owner, can give women control and respect. She describes a few ways that it can be an empowering experience and why more women should pursue entrepreneurial ideas.

We end our conversation with Debra’s advice for women who are considering starting their own companies. Tune in to hear what her most important tip is.

Listen to our podcast with Debra before you take the plunge into starting a business and realizing greater equality.

To learn more about Debra Muth, visit her official websites for Serenity Health Care Center and Vibrant Female. You can also keep up with all her latest news by following her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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