How to Find Your Career Fit With a Little Recruiting Help - with Brianna Rooney

How to Find Your Career Fit With a Little Recruiting Help

Have you ever wondered how to get your dream job? Maybe you’ve wondered how you can figure out what career path is best for you. Or perhaps you’ve thought about working with a recruiter, but don’t know what to expect. If any of those sound like you, be sure to listen to our new podcast! We spoke with Brianna Rooney, the founder and CEO of Techees and The Millionaire Recruiter. She answers our biggest recruiting questions and shares how she helps people like you find the right job.

First, Brianna reveals how she got into recruiting and why she’s so good at helping employers and employees find each each other. She talks about her own tech recruiting agency, Techees, diving into how it aids her clients.

For all the workers out there, Brianna explains what you should know before reaching out to a recruiter. She also reveals how Techees helps find your career fit and get you into a perfectly matched job.

And for all the employers, Brianna talks about how she finds the ideal candidates who will best fill the open positions within your organization.

Finally, Brianna talks about how you, too, can get into the recruiting business. She offers a full book and course – The Millionaire Recruiter – that dives into how you can become a stellar recruiter and even develop your own recruiting agency.

Brianna Rooney Recruiting Help

Before we get to the podcast interview, be sure to check out Brianna Rooney’s book, The Millionaire Recruiter: Get Rich With No Experience.

Are you ready to learn all about recruiting? Listen to our interview with Brianna Rooney below!

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