How to Reconstruct Grief with Resilience and Rediscover Joy

How to Reconstruct Grief with Resilience and Rediscover Joy

Death is a fact of life. How we deal with grief after losing a loved one has significant effects on your life moving forward. How can you move forward following a loss? We spoke with Rachel Vasquez, Founder and CEO of Living Beyond Grief, to find out.

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Rachel is the Founder and CEO of Living Beyond Grief, and embodies resilience and transformation. She is a Grief Warrior, Senior Partner at The Wellness Universe, Certified JOYELY Ambassador, and Community Advocate for Modern Widows Club,

Women experiencing grief hire Rachel to guide them, and their children, along their journey to cope with loss, find strength, and embrace healing, so they can overcome pain and rediscover inner peace, as they heal.

Rachel helps difficult life transitions transform into a life filled with hope, dreams, and endless possibilities.

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The conversation begins with Rachel explaining what inspired her work. Like many focused on grief support, Rachel began with her own difficulties following the death of her husband. As she worked through her own troubles, she realized that guiding people through their grief was her calling.

Rachel explains that she meets her clients where they are in their grief journey. Most importantly, she contends that life will never go back to how it was before the loss and that grief isn’t something to be fixed. Rather, life after a death is completely changed, and we have to learn to navigate it as it is.

Feelings of fear, guilt, and shame can prevent people from working through their loss. Luckily, Rachel is there to help her clients examine and move through those emotions. It’s important to keeping moving along the journey.

Finally, Rachel ends the conversation by advising listeners to find support, especially if they’re in mourning. Find friends, community, and professional supports. Loss can isolate people, so try to prevent that from happening to you.

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To learn more, check out Rachel’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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