Proven Solutions for Reducing Costs While Boosting Productivity & Morale

Proven Solutions for Reducing Costs While Boosting Productivity & Morale

Business is often a balance between employee wellness and profits – or so it seems. But implementing programs to boost employee wellness, increase safety, and prevent injuries goes hand-in-hand with reducing costs. And it isn’t at the expense of employee productivity or morale! How? We spoke with Kevin Lombardo, President and CEO of DORN Companies, to find out.

Watch to discover how boosting wellness boosts morale

Kevin is the President and CEO of DORN Companies. He drives workplace safety and ergonomic excellence across Fortune 500 manufacturers, airlines, aerospace, service industries, and municipalities. 

Pioneering on-site and virtual solutions that significantly reduce ergonomic-related injuries, Kevin and his team consistently deliver annual savings exceeding $18 million to their valued clients while achieving a remarkable 50+% reduction in injuries. This equates to an impressive 500%+ annual ROI!

Preventing injuries should be top priority

The conversation begins with Kevin explaining his longtime passion for safety and injury prevention. After taking over this responsibility at a company, he was able to reduce worker’s comp claims by over 90% in under three years! He did this by eliminating risks as much as possible and taking an interest in overall employee wellness. And his company DORN continues his mission as a wellness-based injury prevention and ergonomic company.

Kevin prioritizes empowerment through education and engagement. He concentrates on meeting companies’ where they’re at to meet their immediate needs and then commencing a journey with them. It’s important to find the right plan to meet the overall goal rather than just leaping into flashy, tech-based solutions (although DORN does have those things).

It’s important for companies to take initiative on employee wellness and injury prevention. As shown above, investing in programs like DORN’s will end up reducing costs by preventing work-related injuries and workers comp claims. Moreover, looking after employees’ on a holistic level boosts morale as the company shows care to its people.

Listen to learn how employee wellness correlates with reducing costs

To learn more, check out DORN’s official website here. You can also find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. They also have a fascinating white paper! Finally, you can connect with Kevin himself on LinkedIn.

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