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How to Contact a Recruiter on LinkedIn

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Lynn Whitbeck

What is the best way to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn? – Arina in Mahwah, NJ 


TINA: LinkedIn can be a powerful tool when used with intention. Background information on the industry that you are interested in will likely identify the key recruiters or recruiting companies with whom you should be connected. Many larger companies utilize one or two recruiting firms to assist them to qualify candidates.

It is very helpful to personalize your connection request on LinkedIn. Be direct in your reason for wanting to connect and ask how they would like for you to communicate with them to follow up. Remember to see if you have similar connections – our current network is the best resource for warm introductions to those that we would like to meet.

LYNN: Arina it’s so important to research the recruiters in your field and industry. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to leverage for the research. Once you have identified your top prospects (recruiters) you are ready to make your move. Whether you send a LinkedIn InMail, traditional email, or direct call, be sure to carefully craft your message. Why them? Why you? Be brief, be concise, and use power words. Power words are like keywords and will be specific to your industry/field/role. Your goal is to entice them to want to know more. Rise above the noise and get noticed. Good luck!

Update 7/22: Thank you to Jay for sharing this info! According to recent stats, the response rate to InMail is 21% higher if the sender shares a group with the recipient. Great to know!

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  1. Hey Lynn,

    I came across this piece as a person helping out a friend with her job-hunt.

    I’ve seen multiple similar articles, but what made yours stood out were your insights on contextual power words. She’s been sending pretty plainly worded messages as of yet, but now that I’ve shown her this article, she’ll start using some of those power words pretty soon. Will let you know the results πŸ˜‰

    Reading your post, Lynn, I couldn’t help but recall a very, very relevant stat I came across recently – “Response rate to InMail is 21% higher if the sender shares a group with the recipient”.

    I felt this was bonkers! So useful to get noticed by a recruiter, and I bet almost no job-seeker knows of this! I couldn’t stop thinking “How great it’d be for a job-seeker to find that info in this article!”

    So I thought how about I send you this email, and tell you to perhaps put that stat in there? Really think it can help a lot of job-seekers cross that first hurdle πŸ™‚

    Anyway Lynn, just my 2 cents! Great post overall πŸ™‚

    Come to think of it, I recalled the stat so vividly because we just updated one of our posts ( on Zariance with that exact stat. Happy coincidence!

    1. Jay, thanks so much for sharing your uplifting anecdote and the current stats on InMail response rates! We’ve added that to the article, and linked to your post with the data. πŸ™‚

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