How Can Introverts Tap into Their Inner Power and Thrive at Work? - Nicole Burgess

How Can Introverts Tap into Their Inner Power and Thrive at Work?

It’s been said that we currently live in an extroverted society, and from this introvert’s perspective, that seems pretty accurate! But although it may feel like you need to be (or act like) an extrovert to excel in school, work, and life generally, introverts are actually powerful and valuable. Indeed, introverts have unique skills that set them up to succeed and excel at work. So how can we tap into that inner power? We asked Nicole Burgess, an introvert who is committed to helping other introverts in the workplace. She shares her tips in our new podcast.

Do you want to make your introversion work better for you? Watch our interview with Nicole Burgess below:

Nicole Burgess offers empowerment and leadership coaching for introverted and highly sensitive women. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology, is a certified leadership coach and a licensed marriage and family therapist, and she founded the Self-Care Summit to Improve Your Bottom Line and Your Personal Life. Nicole also hosts the podcast, Soulfilled Sisterhood.

She first reveals how introverts differ from extroverts at work and in leadership positions. Both personality types come with their own strengths and weakness, preferred working styles, and unique communication styles. However different, they both have merit, and as long as people are flexible and understanding, we can all work well with each other.

Does fear play into how introverts perform at work and in leadership roles? It’s true that fear tends to be a component of shyness, but what about introversion? Nicole talks about the impact of fear and how to overcome it in professional settings.

We mentioned before that introverts may feel like they must pretend to be extroverts in order to succeed. However, trying to behave like an extrovert can actually be counterproductive, causing introverts to burn out. So if that’s not a great option, how can introverts perform well and be leaders in ways that work for them? Nicole describes what leadership looks like for an introvert.

We then turn out attention to highly sensitive people (HSPs). How does introversion relate to being highly sensitive, at work and in life more generally? How can you determine whether you’re a highly sensitive person? Nicole offers a valuable run-through in our podcast; you can also find out if you’re an HSP with the quiz here.

Our conversation ends with some final tips and words of encouragement on how you can play to your strengths as an introvert in the workplace.

Listen to our discussion about introverts with Nicole below!

You can learn about Nicole Burgess and pursue empowerment and leadership coaching at her official website here. You’ll definitely want to listen to her Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast here, too. Nicole would also love to connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

To find out if you’re a highly sensitive person, take the quiz here.

To learn more about introversion and HSPs, consider reading the following books:

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