You've Got Mail! 3 Simple Strategies That Will Improve Your Open Rates - Liz Wilcox

You’ve Got Mail! 3 Simple Strategies That Will Improve Your Open Rates

Anyone who runs a business or has a proper side hustle knows how important your email list is. You also know how important it is that those emails reach and are opened by your subscribers… and how hard it can be to achieve those goals. Why aren’t your numbers as good as they need to be? What are you doing wrong? We spoke with email marketing expert Liz Wilcox about her three simple strategies that will drastically improve your email open rates. Our new interview is an illuminating crash course in what you need to know for your email success.

Watch our podcast with Liz Wilcox below to learn how to increase your email open rates:

Liz Wilcox is an solopreneur, author and mother who is dedicated to finding the best way to be her best self in life and her career. She has dedicated her second passion (‘90s pop culture trivia being her first) to online business owners with online course content. When she found the lucrative magic that is email marketing, she sold her blog  to teach online entrepreneurs. Since then, she has become a course creator and helped multiple clients master their sales – meaning solid five- and six-figure launches by leveraging the power of strategic email. Liz has been featured on top-level entrepreneurship podcasts including The Heather Sager Show, Do You Even Blog? and Rebel Boss Ladies, among others.

To start our discussion, Liz reveals how she first got into email marketing and how she became so good at it. The story goes back to traveling the country in an RV, writing an unconventional and funny book, and making it a career. Eventually, Liz shifted gears to something more in line with her interests and full personality.

After gaining tons of hands-on experience, Liz now has three simple strategies for increasing email open rates. What are those three strategies, and why do they work? As Liz explains in our podcast, the point of your emails is that they are seen, they are opened, and an action is taken – usually in the form of clicking one of your CTAs. Your business must have a welcome sequence, and it needs to introduce who you are and establish expectations. If you’ve ever been to a wedding or a concert, you know how crucial established expectations are. The same is true in your emails. Liz shares two more tips, but you’ll have to tune into the podcast to find out what they are!

Email marketing can be such a dry topic for many of us. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Just look at Liz’s own marketing! How can we stay playful and inspired with our email marketing to make sure it stays engaging for our audience? As Liz says, you must be authentic first and foremost. Show your true self, because that will resonate with your audience (and inspire you to write better email copy). If you, like Liz, are fun and love all things 1990s, exude that. If, on the other hand, you’re super professional and proper, let that shine. Whoever you are, keep it real. Liz also has some strong opinions on the common advice to “tell a story” – listen to the podcast to find out if that’s what you should be doing.

Speaking of, Liz also identifies some of the most common mistakes she sees in email marketing… and how we can we avoid or fix them.

We end our discussion on a fun note: the amazing ’90s theme surrounding Liz’s website and email marketing. As Liz explains, this is more than just a fun quirk of her personality. This is branding. We could have a whole other conversation around branding, but suffice it to say that having a unique image or angle can make you stand out and, ultimately, get more clients. This is crucial for the success of your email marketing and getting those open rates up.

Listen to our podcast with Liz to find out more about how you can improve your email marketing and make a lasting impact on your subscribers:

To learn more and get help directly from Liz Wilcox, visit her official website here. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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