Why You Should Lead with Harmony for Greater Business Success

Why You Should Lead with Harmony for Greater Business Success

What do music and business leadership have in common? It’s all about the right notes! We spoke with leadership and team development coach Andrea MacKenzie about how to lead with harmony both internally and externally.

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Andrea, Founder of Lead With Harmony, is a team and leadership development expert who helps business owners and executives hire strategically and develop their teams towards improved performance, lower stress, and stronger leadership. She is an MBA, multi-certified coach, and award-nominated Kolbe-Certified™ consultant with 20+ years in corporate roles and consulting.

Andrea founded Lead With Harmony over 10 years ago to serve small businesses by incorporating her first-hand understanding of team success factors and disruptors into her own style of team and leadership development. Her approach combines elements of business consulting, project management, leadership coaching, experiential learning, and specialized assessments and techniques, such as Kolbe assessments, ICF coaching principles, and IPEC Energy Leadership™ frameworks.

Self-awareness and finding the right chord

The conversation begins with Andrea revealing how she got started teaching others to lead with harmony. She explains that the confluence of her music and business education instilled in her an entrepreneurial spirit. During her career, Andrea realized that anyone can master leadership, as long they have internal harmony and are able to find just the right positions for their team members.

Andrea uses Kolbe assessments to determine the conditions under which her clients work best. By determining these conditions, the clients are able to identify what parts of their roles and responsibilities cause them the most stress. This self-awareness allows them to begin making adjustments to achieve their goals.

As with many things, the fear of change is often the biggest obstacle for Andrea’s clients. People worry about failure and the perceptions of others in their quest to be successful leaders. However, Andrea notes that mistakes are often stepping stones to mastering a new skill. Do not fear mistakes!

The conversation closes with Andrea encouraging the listeners to consider how they lead themselves first. Clarify your own goals and values. By cultivating this self-awareness, you will build a strong foundation for harmonious leadership.

Listen to this episode to discover how you can lead with harmony

To learn more, check out Andrea’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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