Why Your Sales Strategy and Goals Must Align for Success - Eric Whitmoyer

Why Your Sales Strategy and Goals Must Align for Success

In your business, you likely have specific sales goals that you’re aiming to achieve. However, have you considered whether your sales strategy actually matches those goals? Indeed, in order to achieve success, it’s vital that your objectives and strategy are aligned. How can you get the two onto the same page? We spoke with Eric Whitmoyer, an expert on leading businesses to success and setting the right goals.

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Eric Whitmoyer is a highly accomplished “no-nonsense” executive, speaker, author, and business coach. He is an entrepreneur who has owned over a dozen different businesses and spent 20 years as an executive leader of two $100 million companies and been responsible for generating over $1.6 billion in sales during that time. 

Eric leverages his skills and experience to lead companies to peak success. Among his many achievements, Eric is recognized as an Advanced Certified Trainer in the Success Principles, a certified instructor of the Barrett Values Centre, has certifications in multiple Sales and Leadership programs, and has authored books on Goal Setting, Time Management, and Business. 

Even with his professional success, Eric is most proud of his role as a husband, father, and grandfather.

We start our conversation with Eric’s origin story. He discusses his background in entrepreneurship, how he’s led so many businesses to such success, and how he helps other companies reach similar peaks. Eric shares how goal setting became such a valuable component of his and others’ achievements.

How do you determine your sales goals? And moreover, how can you design a sales strategy that plays into such goals? Eric shares the process for aligning the different moving parts within sales, from the tactics that work to the end result you’ve been aiming for.

There are always roadblocks on any journey, and it can be difficult to makes your sales strategy fit in with your specific objectives. This may be due to a slight disconnect between the two, not having the right resources, and so on. Eric describes how to get around these obstacles.

Our discussion ends with what actions you can take now to match up your goals and strategy in sales.

Listen to our podcast with Eric for more on aligning your sales objectives:

To learn more, check out Eric Whitmoyer’s official website for My Biz Coaches. You can also connect with Eric on LinkedIn and follow My Biz Coaches on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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