What Should You Know Before You Start a Business?

What Should You Know Before You Start a Business?

So many of us have amazing ideas that we want to turn into lucrative careers. But starting your own business takes a lot of work! What should you know before becoming an entrepreneur? Our first tip in learning about this career path is to listen to our new podcast interview with two guests who know a thing or two about starting a successful business: Michael Maloof and Michelle Dickman. Michael and Michelle are a powerhouse team of serial entrepreneurs and startup investors, and as they describe it, Michael builds the products and Michelle builds the companies. Recently, their combined decades of startup lessons were captured in the book The Startup Survivor.

With so much hands-on experience, Michael and Michelle have the expertise you need to know before you start a business.

What are the biggest challenges you may face, and how can you overcome them? How can someone with an entrepreneurial idea maximize their chances of success? What unique ideas, perspectives, and working styles set millennial entrepreneurs apart – either for better or for worse? Find out in our new interview with Michael and Michelle!

Once you hear the interview, you’ll likely want even more guidance in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Luckily, you can download Michael Maloof’s new book, The Startup Survivor, for FREE! Get your free book here:


Ready to hear our enlightening interview with Michael and Michelle? Listen below so you’re ready to start a business!

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