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How Can I Improve My Email Campaigns?

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Lynn Whitbeck

Our company sends out monthly email campaigns. Although they seem to be well received, our subscribers continue to drop off, and there does not appear to be any real sales benefit. What should we consider to improve the impact? – Jarvina in Las Cruces, NM 


LYNN: Jarvina, couple of points to start with: Attrition through opt-outs is a normal part of the process. However, you should also be actively building your list so that the overall impact is a growing list. If you are doing this, develop an action plan and execute to nurture and grow your list.

There are so many things you should consider to improve your email campaign impact. Content is king: rich content that tells a story with a strong call to action. You may want to consider professional support to create resonance and build the relationship. The aesthetics of the email is important as well, though the most stunning campaign will have little connection if the content does not trigger a response. Below are additional resources for you to consider and pursue.

TINA: In addition to Lynn’s comments, I would suggest personalizing the content to the client. Be sure to have their name and/or company name throughout. Be sure that the content is relevant to their business. You might consider using case studies prominently to further engage. Another idea is to add animated GIFs within the body of the email. Quick and engaging – a differentiator in your marketing efforts.



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