How to Create Lasting Value for Client-Vendor Relationships

How to Create Lasting Value for Client-Vendor Relationships

Whether you work in sales directly or work with sales, you may wonder how you can work more effectively with procurement and provide long-term value in your client-vendor relationships. Kendall Cowdrey, a senior procurement facilitator at a Fortune 500 organization, knows a thing or two about developing lasting relationships. She offers expert advice in our new podcast interview.

Kendall explains how often vendor sales team should interact with the various departments to understand unique business unit priorities. Although supplier performance issues are all too common, know that there are ways to not only resolve them, but even come out better in the end. Kendall then details how to analyze supplier assertions for validity and negotiate to reduce costs, before divulging the best ways to strategize on cost-saving measures with engineering and suppliers. Finally, Kendall ends the interview with how to execute contractual documents and other binding agreements.

In no time, you’ll be better prepared for your sales career and ready to excel in your workplace! You’ll know how to build client-vendor relationships that will last a lifetime, making your job a lot smoother and more enjoyable.

Kendall - Client-Vendor Relationships
Are you ready to learn more about client-vendor relationships? Listen to our interview with Kendall in the podcast below:
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