You Deserve It: How to Love Your Work as You Achieve Your Goals

You Deserve It: How to Love Your Work as You Achieve Your Goals

Burnout: it happens to the best of us. We work hard in our careers, striving to reach our goals. And as much as we want to succeed, sometimes our feelings about our jobs and careers get… complicated. At this point, it’s time to take stock and reassess to make sure you’re still going in the direction you want. It’s also a chance to adjust your methods to keep you going strong without giving up other important aspects of your life. We spoke with Randi Roberts, an expert on continuing to love your work while achieving your goals, to find out how to find a balanced path.

Watch our podcast with Randi Roberts to maintain motivation while creating success:

Executive and Career-Life Coach Randi is all about helping professionals become re-energized by their work and attain career fulfillment, without compromising what matters most. She knows the importance of finding balance in her coaching: giving you the push you need to take action and overcome obstacles, while simultaneously holding space for you when you need a pause to breathe. After spending 30 years in the corporate world, Randi has walked the same path as her clients.

She dives into discussions on accomplishments, competing priorities, promotions, leading, motivation, and making you happy both with her clients, and on her own podcast The Fulfilling Career, Happy Life Podcast.

When Randi’s not working, you can find her recharging her batteries by spending time outdoors, practicing yoga, reading, or catching up with friends.

How do you keep space to breathe and reflect?

The conversations begins with Randi’s route from the corporate world to focusing on career-life coaching. She spent 30 years working in sales for pharmaceutical companies, loving the good she was doing for patients while also creating a successful career for herself. However, she suddenly went from jumping out of bed before her alarm to hitting the snooze button every day before work. With this drastic change, Randi realized she needed a new way of doing good, so she started her own business to help other people achieve their goals.

Next, we talked about taking stock and reassessing. It can be stressful when you realize you have drifted from your goals or that they’ve changed altogether! That’s why having a coach or mentor is so important – they can help get you out of your head. From there, you can reflect on your story, including your jobs, volunteer experience, and all those other things that don’t typically make your resume, like being a family member’s caretaker.

Oftentimes, our biggest obstacle is ourselves. But the best thing about being your own biggest obstacle is that you have the power to get out of your own way! It’s important to give yourself full credit for your accomplishments so that you can pave your way forward. Another challenge can be fear, but, again, that’s where your mentor or coach can help. Randi emphasizes that a coach offers a neutral perspective to help you ask the right questions find the answers that fit you best.

The conversations closes with Randi’s offer to take a free Career Satisfaction Assessment. If you can feel that something’s wrong but don’t know exactly what, this assessment can help you identify where the problem is. After all, if you don’t know what’s wrong, you can fix it! Most importantly, give yourself permission to listen to your little voice telling you you’re dissatisfied. It’s scary. But doing the work and finding ways to reignite your joy will be worth it.

Listen to our podcast with Randi Roberts to re-learn how to love your work again

To learn more, check out Randi Robert’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

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