Same Questions

Same Questions

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Lynn Whitbeck

What do I do if I have a potential buyer who keeps asking the same questions? It seems like every time we speak, he repeats the same questions, and I give him the best answers I can. I don’t know whether he just can’t remember or what, but I’m at my wit’s end – he has all the literature, and he has many of my answers in writing via email. I’m stuck. – Kathleen in L’Anse, MI 


LYNN: Here’s the thing: your product or service is most likely just one very small part in the responsibilities of your potential buyer. Depending upon the time between your meetings, priority, and importance, it’s easier to understand why he may need a refresher. The good news is that he is continuing to meet with you, so there is some level of interest. Have you asked qualifying questions to frame your expectations? There are a myriad of specific questions regarding the decision-making process you need to clarify. Questions that are specific to your product or service, the buyer, and the buyer’s organization. Delve deeper to gain perspective and insight. Then reframe your discussion with this new-found information.

TINA: Kathleen, are you convinced that this buyer is interested in your product/service/organization? Is he just being polite in taking your calls or meetings? Many times, buyers are unable to express their disinterest or express their decision to work with someone else. Therefore, they keep taking calls and meetings – not moving you forward.

Conversation is key…recap your previous conversations and next steps. Ask what you can do to move the process forward. Ask with whom he is interacting – you should have a good idea of your competition and be prepared to address any objections. I think there is more to the story here and it is up to you to determine whether this prospect is worth pursuing.

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