Introverts can be Leaders

Can Introverts be Good Leaders?

Written By:

Lynn Whitbeck

Can an introvert be an effective leader? – Leslie in Grants Pass, OR 


LYNN: Yes, of course introverts can be and are effective leaders. Leadership is not about being an introvert or an extrovert, or somewhere in between. Leadership is a plethora of skills you acquire. Some skills can come naturally, others are learned, while others evolve. Open yourself to the art of possibilities, that includes being an outstanding leader!

TINA: Introverts can be highly effective leaders by example. They typically show more curiosity towards others, listen more intently, are less likely to interrupt the problem-solving process, are less likely to micro-manage, and can be very flexible and creative in thought.


Read chapter 13, “Leadership Styles,” in our book, Practical Wisdoms @ Work.


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