LA Traffic: Songwriter Mandy Bon's Creative Process Starts In The Car

LA Traffic: Songwriter Mandy Bon’s Creative Process Starts In The Car

Singer/songwriter Mandy Bon is an up-and-coming musician that any 20-something can relate to. From young love to the dreaded feeling of being stuck, her new EP, Traffic Jams, showcases four songs that articulate honest hopes and worries. Mandy composed, recorded, and mixed all four tracks on her new EP, and even took charge of most of the music video production, too. She clearly has a lot of talent and drive, but where does it all come from?

Mandy joins us for a special interview about her creative process and motivations in music. She reveals how she started playing music and pursued a career as a musician. She also divulges how she taps into her creativity and why “LA Traffic” can actually be a good thing.

Before you listen to our podcast interview below, check out two of Mandy’s latest songs. “Super Glue” appears on her Traffic Jams EP, while “The Patient” is a newer song she released this summer.

Be sure to check out Mandy’s music on all her social channels:

Find out how Mandy Bon’s creative process starts in the car. Listen to our interview with her below:

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