How to SERVE Your Company’s Growth and See a 7-Figure Leap

How to SERVE Your Company’s Growth and See a 7-Figure Leap

As most anyone who’s done it can attest, starting a business is hard! It can be tricky to get the ball rolling and finally see a steady profit, but even once you’ve achieved that milestone (hooray!), scaling that success for continued growth often proves challenging. So what is the secret to really growing your company to reach your goals? According to this week’s podcast guest Iva Paleckova, it’s important to understand who you serve and how. And this doesn’t necessarily just mean your clients and customers; it can also come down to you. How so? Listen to our latest episode to find out!

Watch our new podcast with Iva Paleckova to learn how to serve and align your marketing with purpose, leading to the leaps your business deserves.

Iva Paleckova, MBA, is a hands-on executive business coach who helps business owners reverse-engineer their goals and map out the exact action steps needed to reach a multi 6-figure monthly income. Iva teaches from experience! A mompreneur who took her own coaching business from barely making $3k a month and struggling to pay the bills, to a $500k monthly income within 18 months – whilst multitasking, being pregnant, and then having her baby. Going through a hyper-growth as a single mom with a newborn, she had to think outside the box and create strategies that are quite different from anything else out there. Even though Iva is a best-selling author and an award winning international speaker, her biggest accomplishment and joy is in helping her clients to achieve amazing financial growth within a matter of months.

We start our discussion with learning about Iva’s journey to becoming the successful business coach she is today. Iva reveals how she got started, how her business began growing… and then how it reached a plateau and even saw a downward turn before she unlocked the secret to getting it back on track.

Iva describes a valuable lesson for us all: We have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Most of us don’t like mosquitos or snakes, but we learn to live with them. Similarly, it’s vital that you acknowledge and accept the things that feel like setbacks. They may be bothersome in the moment, but they can ultimately be the lessons you need to learn and grow in life. This is all relates back to the idea of who you serve and how.

Listen to our discussion with Iva to learn more:

To learn more about Iva Paleckova, visit her official website here. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Be sure to tune into her podcast, Flip the Script and Rise, too! Finally, don’t miss her retreats here.

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