Is Now the Right Time to Start a Family?

Written By:

Lynn Whitbeck

I’ve started my own business, try to keep a healthy lifestyle, and now want to start a family with kids. How does one balance all this out? How do you ensure you spend enough time with your kids while running a successful business? – Marina in Pawtucket, RI 


LYNN: I see this as two different questions: starting a family when you’ve launched a new business; and raising children while having a successful career. I’ll answer the first question this week.

To be brutally honest, this may not be a good time to start a family.

If you are committed to making your start up a success, your business is going to occupy a tremendous amount of your energy as you become established. Another caveat: what do your truly desire? It sounds like you are conflicted, as timing, attention, and discipline are vital to any start-up. While in no way am I saying you can’t have both, in my opinion you need to carefully think this through.

Choosing to have children is a lifelong commitment for women and men. I believe that when you become a parent, it is the most important job you will ever have. Timing is everything in life and in work. Starting a family when you’ve just launched a new business is going to add a tremendous amount to your plate, so make sure you can manage it!

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