Don't Fear the Camera! How to Confidently Make Unique Video Content - Dr. Stefan Zavalin

Don’t Fear the Camera! How to Confidently Make Unique Video Content

Presenting your best self on video can be hard, especially when you want to make a good first impression about your business. Many of us are camera shy and fear public speaking – even in the form of video content. How can you overcome your fears and put your best self forward on camera? We spoke with Dr. Stefan Zavalin, an expert in communication and media, about how to excel on camera.

Watch our podcast with Dr. Stefan Zavalin to learn how to overcome camera shyness:

Dr. Stefan Zavalin is The Professional Unicorn. After losing his vision in graduate school, Stefan not only finished his degree, but went on to work in the clinic, start a business, write a book, and give a TEDx Talk. In all of these ventures, Stefan presented creative approaches and unique aspects of communication to his audience. From role playing in his TEDx Talk to choose your own adventure social media series, Dr. Zavalin has excelled at unique and creative communication. He now helps entrepreneurs with creative communication in their business which eliminates any chance of competition. 

Gain Confidence in Your Video Content

Our conversation begins with Dr. Stefan’s origin story. He shares how he overcome unexpected circumstances to build a successful business, share his knowledge with the world, and help others in communication. What an incredible journey he’s been on!

Dr. Stefan then dives into how to defeat camera shyness and awkwardness. So many of us can come off as robotic and unnatural on video, but there are tricks to improving. For example, Dr. Stefan recommends asking your conversation partner three simple questions: a “human” question, what they’re going to talk about, and something that connects the two. What does that mean? Tune into our podcast for a more detailed explanation.

You may have some obstacles to overcome on your journey to better video content. You may experience impostor syndrome or be too much of a perfectionist. But as inadequate as you might feel, Dr. Stefan assures that you are an expert and you are worthy. Find your inner confidence and fight the urge to make everything perfect. (Pro tip: Livestreaming can curb the need to edit your videos!)

What can you do now to embark on confidently making unique video content? Dr. Stefan ends our podcast with his top actionable tips, including this: Just get started! You can do it! And remember: Always show up as your real self.

Listen to our podcast with Dr. Stefan to find out more:

To learn more, check out Dr. Stefan Zavalin’s official website here. You can also get his free book here, and be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

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