Why Perfectionism Limits Your Potential and Happiness

How to Recover from Perfectionism

Caroline Garnet McGraw is an author, speaker, coach…. and, in her own words, a recovering perfectionist, workaholic, codependent, and people-pleaser. She started a blog in 2011 about trading perfectionism for possibility. In September 2014, she gave her first TEDx talk, “Perfectionism Doesn’t Protect Us.” Two years later Caroline returned to the TEDx stage as an All-Star speaker with, “You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interaction.”

She recently joined us for an illuminating conversation on how to find value in mistakes, overcome your fears of inadequacy, and, ultimately, recover from perfectionism. Her journey has led her in some unexpected directions, but one theme kept re-emerging: her perfectionist tendencies and how they held her back. Caroline’s younger brother Willie was instrumental in her path to learning to embrace mistakes and live more confidently.

No matter how much of a perfectionist you are, you too can overcome it and move forward, mistakes and all. Where do you start?

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If you’d like to hear more about moving forward from perfectionism, be sure to listen to our podcast interview with Caroline. She shares her inspiring story as well as expert tips on living with your perfect imperfections.

Check out our full podcast interview with Caroline here.

If you want more information on Caroline and overcoming perfectionism, please visit her website at https://awishcomeclear.com.

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