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13 Out-of-the-Box Sales Promotions You Can Try

In your sales career, it’s vital that you stand out, maintain lasting connections, and promote your product or service in a way that is memorable. Whether one-on-one, with the whole team, or in a packed meeting room, how can you make a lasting impression? Sales veteran Lynn is an expert in the fine art of out-of-the-box sales promotions. In our new webinar, she shares some of her wildest ideas.

Our presentation starts with Lynn’s favorite ice-breakers… sometimes involving old footwear and mysterious notes. We then move into ideas that work for team efforts and then the full company. By the end, Lynn gets into promotions you can do in person – including one featuring Play-Doh!

Lynn shares her unique sales promo ideas for every season, every holiday, and every client. From power tools to flowers, these sales promos run the whole gamut of opportunities.

Webinar - Sales Promotions

Ending our discussion, Lynn explains why and how such out-of-the-box sales promotions are so effective. She talks about breaking down barriers, making emotional connections, and achieving a lasting impression. Standing out in this way makes you more memorable, and puts more attention on your product or service.

Check out our out-of-the-box sales promotions ideas in the webinar below. In no time, you’ll be wowing your clients and building lasting relationships. Be sure to share your ideas in the comments, too!

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