Special Wow Holiday Promos

Special “WOW” Holiday Promos

As the holidays approach, it’s time to bust out of the ho-hum of the same old holiday promos. The tired gift baskets, chocolate boxes, and cheesy swag just don’t get anyone’s real attention. They are completely impersonal and along with that, have very little meaning. It’s time to step up your game and stand out. Give something genuine and demonstrate you care about the relationship, all without breaking the bank. “An impossible task,” you think. Heck no! You just need some creativity. Here are some ideas to make your clients feel special and appreciated this year.

Recipe Card Tin – From My Family to Yours

This idea is designed to connect in a sensory and personal manner. You are sharing special holiday recipes, and the sentiments of your wonderful family traditions. If you don’t know a frying pan from a double broiler, not to worry – you know someone who loves to cook. Trust me, just ask around and you’ll be surprised how fast you have someone close sharing their kitchen triumphs and treasured recipes.

What you’ll need for this promo:

  • 3 recipes – printed on 3” x 5” cards
  • Holiday card with message, also 3” x 5”
  • Personal card with your handwritten note, or at least signature, yet again 3” x 5”
  • Recipe tin
  • Ribbon
  • Optional: Add a unique spice needed for one of the recipes

Note: This can be mailed/shipped to customers anywhere in the world.

Additional consideration: choose each recipe with care so that various diet requirements or preferences can be matched with at least one of your recipes.

Bonus! You can work with your entire sales team to select the recipes and assemble to tins. Talk about team building!

Candy Cane Ornaments – and Other Craft Fair Treasures

The holiday craft fair season starts in November (October in some communities) and provides precious heartfelt gifts for your clients and prospects. One item I found years ago were the Candy Cane Lace Ornaments shown below. Being a copy-cat crafter, I have made and given these over the years. They are great for large departments, as I carry a basket in stuffed with the treasures, giving one to each team member. I always add a special custom tag to each ornament.

Remember that you can buy different items for each client and prospect. So even though you may not be able to buy in bulk for all clients, you will find the quantity you need by mixing up your finds and who gets what.

If you want to make these yourself while watching your favorite TV shows or listening to music in the evening, it’s super simple. Another great resource is Etsy. Just be sure to order well in advance.

What you’ll need for this promo:

  • Candy Canes – include some sugar free options!
  • Lace – with holes wide enough for the candy canes
  • Ribbon – I like the 1/4” wide satin ribbon for ease of hanging on the tree
  • Tag – your special holiday wish

Treasure Box

Just to be upfront, the possibilities for your treasure boxes are endless. They can also be treasure bags. I’ve done both. Once again, this can be a great team activity with the entire sales staff. I’ve organized this for my staff in the past. Bring in all the supplies, set up the conference room, and don’t forget the hot-spiced cider!

For this blog post I created a calendar treasure box. The calendar template is included in the resources below. My calendar treasure box includes a clear plastic business card holder, 14 calendar cards, a message card, a thank you card, a mini-candy cane, box, ribbon, and a tag. The great thing about this treasure box is that it is small enough to find space on the most cluttered desk, is useful, and keeps us in mind all year long.

What you’ll need for this promo:

  • Clear plastic business card holder
  • 16 – 3-1/2” x 2” cards, noted above
  • Mini-candy cane or other treat
  • Box
  • Ribbon
  • Tag
  • Optional: Add a festive holiday pin they can wear to celebrate the season

Note: This can be mailed/shipped to customers anywhere in the world.

Wrapping it All Up

The beauty of each of these promo ideas:

  1. Well within most any stringent organization gift acceptance policy.
  2. Affordable for the entire client staff – don’t leave anyone out!
  3. Show your client that you are thinking of them, and care enough to do something extraordinary.
  4. Range from $2.50 to $4.50 per unit (without assembly labor) when made in bulk (over 50 units).

The ideas are endless to creatively garner attention and connect with your clients and prospects. There are a few things to keep in mind, such as the personality of your contact – be sensitive to their style and thought process. Be sure to check on the gift policy for your prospects and clients. There is almost always a value cap and often everyone in the department needs to be able to share or receive the gift. The most important thing in all of this is that you are doing something that obviously required way more thought and care than some generic gift basket. You are building your relationship, demonstrating that you will go the extra mile to take care of them. Really, who doesn’t want to feel special? Be the one to go that extra mile and stand out. You’ll be glad you did.


Recipe Card Tin
Candy Cane Ornaments
Treasure Box
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