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How to Grow and Profit More By Doing Less With Tech Mastery

By now, it should be no surprise that technology can be a tremendous help in a wide range of situations, including with your sales job. How can tech mastery help you grow and profit more… even while doing less? We spoke with RJ Redden about how to master the right technology and put it to use in your career.

Watch our interview with RJ Redden to learn about tech mastery and sales growth:

RJ Redden has been coaching people about technology since 1998. That’s even before we were worried about the year 2000 destroying all computers everywhere.

RJ remembers the Oregon Trail, and actually have died from dysentery. 

She once spent five months in a country where she didn’t know the language, just so she could learn how to explain things more effectively to people.

‍Note: The results were both great and terrible. RJ’s explaining skills greatly increased, but she also did get kicked off a train once. (It was NOT moving at the time.)

RJ loves teaching technology like it’s her best friend. And she has the most outstanding clients on Earth.

Kicking off our conversations, RJ shares her origin story. How did she first get into technology? How did she then start coaching others in tech mastery? She talks about her background and how she has helped numerous clients over the years.

RJ then discusses her process for success. She identifies the kinds of technology and programs you’ll need, what skills to improve on, and how to implement these tools in your sales job. In no time, you’ll have unlocked the process for higher profits and less work!

Most of us face some kind of obstacle, whether it’s internal or external. RJ shares about hurdles she’s faced and the kinds of blocks her clients must overcome. Some people are nervous about technology or doubt their own ability to master it. But RJ assures that we can all make use of it with skill and precision.

We end our conversation with the actionable tips RJ has for you to embark on tech mastery now.

Listen to our podcast with RJ so you can profit more while doing less:

To learn more, check out RJ Redden’s official website and be sure to take her Marketing Superpower quiz here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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