10 Big Ways to Unlock Innovative Tech Sales - Dennis Sullivan

10 Big Ways to Unlock Innovative Tech Sales

How do you obtain customers and effectively manage relationships with them in the tech industry? We spoke with Dennis Sullivan, a sales expert and relationship ninja who leads from the heart to build strong, lasting connections. Although the sales profession has changed a lot over the years, Dennis’s unique approach in the tech field has helped him secure continued success. In our new podcast interview, we learned how you can unlock tech sales with some of his best tips.

Dennis explains how, thanks to the vast amounts of information online, people discover what they need and identify potential customers. As he shares, “the first and most dramatic change has been the impact of technology on the sales profession. Customers today are more educated than ever on what they need and the companies they want to do business with.”

Which sales development processes should you implement to rapidly increase pipeline value? How can you make persuasive presentations to tap unmet customer needs? When negotiating and finalizing deals, how do you anticipate objections and identify key decision factors? Dennis goes through all of this and more, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to close the sale.

The interview finishes with Dennis sharing how to effectively manage relationships and, ultimately, lead to business upselling.

Are you ready to learn all about how to unlock tech sales in your career? Listen to our podcast interview with Dennis Sullivan below to learn it all!

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