5 Tips to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy as a Senior Entrepreneur

5 Tips to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy as a Senior Entrepreneur

When you retired, you realized that you had the opportunity to chase passions that you had never had the time to focus on while you were working full-time. Perhaps this realization led you to pursue entrepreneurship and open your own small business! Working with the top sales experts at Petite2Queen can help you drive more revenue, and in the meantime, you can overhaul your marketing strategy with these simple, effective tips.

Conduct Customer Surveys

Surveys help you capture your customers’ opinions.

Want to improve your marketing strategy so that you can bring customers back for repeat purchases and reach new customers? Surveying your customers is the best way to gather marketing data and target your future efforts to new audiences, as per ZenBusiness.

For instance, you can survey your current customers and ask how they found out about your products or services. Their answers will help you figure out which marketing channels have served you best so far, and which channels you can focus on in the future, such as in-person networking, content marketing, or social media.

Offer Coupons and Discounts

Give your customers a great deal to drive sales.

It sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes, offering lower prices can actually increase your overall sales! By giving out coupons for special promotions and events, you can encourage your customers to spend more money patronizing your business in the long run.

  • Business Collective recommends offering coupons for exciting new products or services that you want to promote.
  • You can also use coupons to boost sales during the holidays. If customers can save on one product, they might be tempted to spend a little extra on another purchase.
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Engage in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t just for young entrepreneurs!

With a little practice, many seniors can become quite tech-savvy, and if you’re struggling with certain forms of digital marketing, you could look into working with a consultant for better results.

You can begin your digital marketing efforts by creating a website for your small business. ThriveHive recommends adding a clear, intuitive navigation bar, avoiding any auto-play videos or pop-ups, and testing your website to make sure that it’s mobile-friendly.

You’ll also want to set up social media accounts for your business. You can share content across platforms daily – for example, you can upload product photos to Instagram, post videos and status updates on Facebook, and share job openings on LinkedIn!

Start Networking

Networking doesn’t have to be awkward! Here’s how to break the ice.

Meeting other entrepreneurs is one of the best parts of running a business. Through networking, you can connect with people who share your interests and have valuable advice to offer.

  • If you want to get the most out of networking, Moo recommends chatting with other small business owners on social media and scheduling informational interviews with people you admire.
  • Make sure to follow up with a friendly email after meeting a new connection!
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Attend Industry Events

Going to industry events is a great way to learn more about new developments in your field.

At industry events, you can make friends with other entrepreneurs and gain insights from experts in your niche. But how can you ensure that the time and money you spend on conferences and other events is worth it?

It’s a good idea to go into each event with a goal, such as sourcing vendors or partners, or simply getting the contact details of a certain number of new connections. By focusing on your goal for the event, you can spend your time wisely.

Marketing your small business does not have to be complicated, even if you didn’t become an entrepreneur until later in life. In fact, many of these marketing strategies allow you to have fun and get creative while expanding your customer base! By following these tips, you’ll be able to grow your business in retirement.

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