Is it Possible to Quickly Climb the Corporate Ladder?

Is it Possible to Quickly Climb the Corporate Ladder?

When it comes to advancing in the workplace, people often talk about long journeys of climbing the corporate ladder and having to start small. But while there is something to be said for gaining valuable experiences and learning the ropes of a job gradually, does this have to be the case all the time? Is it possible to quickly climb the corporate ladder?

Definitely. However, this requires you to actively pursue personal growth, develop your skills, and build a network filled with powerful connections. You have to show your superiors and colleagues that you’re worth more than your current position, and that underutilizing your skills is a great loss to your organization.

Doing the bare minimum won’t get you anywhere. So if you’re truly driven in going after your goals, you have to do everything that you can to achieve them as soon as possible. With that said, let’s discuss how you can fast-track your career and climb up the ranks sooner rather than later.

Keep Your Job Skills Current

As we’ve mentioned, you need to hone your skills in order to enhance your value at work. But why not take it a step further and learn new skills in areas relevant to your industry or position? After all, the modern workplace is always changing — and so are skills that are becoming more and more in demand. For one, you can enroll yourself in an online master’s in management course. Aside from preparing you for future managerial responsibilities, pursuing higher education in management also prepares you to take on the challenges of a more demanding market and non-traditional work environments.

Another skill that is proving to be useful in present and future workplaces is a proficiency in data analytics. Indeed, the Business-Higher Education Forum notes that there’s a growing demand for data-driven professionals as more business leaders recognize how data science can help build multidisciplinary strength. In fact, statistics from Burning Glass Technologies and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the data analytics market will rise to a compound annual growth rate of 13.2% through 2022. Meanwhile, worldwide big data revenue is predicted to reach $274.3 billion in 2022 as well.

You can prime yourself for this massive shift by taking an online master’s in business data analytics. This will help you gain the knowledge to conduct organizational, work simplification, and measurement studies that can certainly make it easier for you to transition to higher positions. And if you’re worried about not being able to juggle it with your job or other responsibilities, pursuing upskilling through online and digital courses lets you complete your studies at your own time and pace.

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Create a Strong Network

It’s hard to fulfill your dreams of moving up the corporate ladder if you prefer to work by yourself. While being an independent worker is commendable, it’s also important to make connections with other people and build a strong network. Doing so allows you to tap into a wider array of resources. Plus, you can find a mentor to help you with your career woes, and even find peers from other departments to collaborate with.

Aside from that, having a well-developed network can also make it easier to go above and beyond in your current position. A good network of people can refer you to the best deals for procurement, prospective clients to impress your superiors, and even friendly experts who can give you sage advice.

Once you’ve connected with a reliable pool of collaborators, it’s important to look after your network. There’s nothing more disheartening than getting in touch with someone who doesn’t remember you or losing a potential opportunity because you didn’t bother keeping in touch. Be sure to touch base with your contacts on a regular basis, whether it’s through a friendly email or a casual video call. A change in your career such as a new job or a promotion is also a good time to reconnect with people in your network.

Go the Extra Mile

In order to actually gain the attention of your superiors and have them consider you for a promotion, you have to do more than just excel at your work. Be sure to ask for more responsibilities and show everyone that you can take on the challenge that comes with a higher position. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with your peers and go beyond your department to initiate projects for the betterment of the whole company.

Establishing your willingness to go beyond your prescribed duties raises your worth and value at work. Moreover, it can also help guide your superiors to place you in a job position that best fits for your skills, goals, experience, and personality.

Sitting around won’t get you anywhere. If you truly want to get a promotion for yourself and ascend in your organization’s hierarchy, be sure to follow the tips we’ve listed above. The road to achieving your career goals won’t be easy. But trust us when we say that holding a high rank in your organization and fulfilling your dreams are well worth the trouble.

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