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Spicy Content: How to Keep Your Clients’ Interest

We have all developed standard messaging, processes, and steps to pursue and close sales. Even so, it’s vital that we take a step back every 10 weeks or so to re-tool and re-frame. Reconsider the content you’re sending out, the look and feel of the message, the methods of communication delivery, the ease for interaction with our clients and prospects, and the order and mix of when communications are sent out. This is the spice we need to keep our conversation fresh and intriguing and to add building blocks to our relational capital foundation.

Add to Your Story

You’re thinking, “This all sounds great, but how on earth do I do this?” Let’s take this step by step to help you identify the trees in the forest. Starting with your content, how will you build upon the story of your product or service? How does the story relate to what matters to your potential and existing customers? The message in your communication needs to add to your story – a new chapter. Continue to draw your clients in and build your relationship. No matter what your product or service, there is a story to tell.

There are so many ways to add the next chapter to your content: reporting results from existing clients, a specific case study, a real-world success story, a new development, refinement, or utilization. The possibilities are endless. The key is framing the content within the story of your product or service.

Mix Up the Content Type

The type of content comes next. Mix it up and keep it interesting. It could be an email, white paper, podcast, presentation, video, teleseminar, or any number of other options. The key is to provide rich content, adding to your story, building your relationship, and further establishing your authority as a subject matter expert. Rich content does not require a huge budget or expert technical skills. However, it does require a good eye for overall design, attention to the details within the layout, and solid review and editing.

Delivery Options

Then there is the method of delivery. Email, website squeeze page, LinkedIn message, phone, fax, mail…the list goes on. Use multiple delivery methods to increase your engagement by cutting through the everyday noise. Some clients or prospects will respond to certain methods, while ignoring others. So, delivering your content in at least two different methods will significantly improve your results.

Through each of these steps, remember to keep what matters to your potential and existing clients in tight focus. The most stunning communication can completely miss its mark if it does not directly speak to the customer’s needs and motivations. And with every communication, be mindful of the triggers that will drive a minimal actionable commitment from the recipient. Pique their interest so your prospects and clients are excited to receive the next chapter in the story and deepen their connection with you. These are a few simple tips to add spice to your communications!

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