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Business Owners & Entrepreneurs hire us to ignite winning sales, because most are chasing down leads and lack client loyalty, conversion, and profit. We help eliminate the lengthy chaotic sales cycle to ignite your sales and unleash lasting profits.

Bottom line: Don't make this harder than it has to be. Sales should be a win-win.

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Ignite Your Sales and Unleash Lasting Profits

We have made the Fortune 500 Sales Secrets accessible for you. The skills and knowledge I acquired in the trenches on my way to a Fortune 500 global sales leader. Leveraging the sales strategy, tactics, and techniques the big companies use.

We’ve taken the impersonal and made it all about you, your unique gifts, and growing your business.


About the Queen of Sales, Lynn Whitbeck

• Applied & Accessible Rich Sales Experience. From Lynn’s humble start in small business sales, to corporate VP of Global Sales, then shifting to sales consulting. It’s how she translates the Fortune 500 sales secrets and makes them accessible to business owners and entrepreneurs.

• Strategic Layered Process Driver. With the proven ability to put a full strategic map in place to get from point A to point B, Lynn helps you implement your business goals.

• Genuine Desire to Help & Serve. It all starts with worthy intent. Lynn genuinely wants to make a difference and have an impact for you and your business. She actually gives a damn.

• Applied Action. Lynn gets stuff done. She helps you apply the knowledge you have gained to implement sales solutions on the fly. This results in more clients and profits for your business.

• Expert Sales Consultant. As a sought-after national and international sales growth expert and speaker, Lynn Whitbeck’s show, Get More Clients, appears on many premier streaming services that reach over 169 million monthly viewers.

Our Sales Consultants are Your Path to Higher Sales Profits



Position you and your team for growth by building your strategic sales foundation and increasing sustainable revenue.

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Workshops, Boot Camps, & Retreats

Workshops, Boot Camps, & Retreats

Our precision lessons are laser focused on implementing rapid improvement to grow your sales and business.

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Private Client

Private Client

Our premium bespoke sales consulting to amplify your revenue and maximize sales opportunities. Unique for you and your business.

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Imagine how much more your business would grow if your sales strategy and team could shorten the sales cycle, build stronger relationships, reach more potential customers and close more profitable sales.


Ignite Your Sales &
Get More Clients

  • More Win-Win Outcomes

  • Better Profitable Sustainable Growth

  • Bigger Negotiation Prowess

You won't find another Sales Strategist and Consultancy with our level of expertise and excellence. We are straight-talkers. The foundation of our sales programs is filled with strategy and content, not B.S. fillers.

Let our sales strategy programs help you get the expanded revenue and business growth that happens after your sales team learns to capitalize on every lead.


Your Competitive Edge to Get More Clients

Everything that a client needs

Lynn really works with her clients and makes the magic happen with them. She encompasses everything that a client needs. We need someone to not only show us how to do it, but work alongside us to implement and then celebrate when we get the results.

Sheridan James, Client Manager at Lightning Rod Agency

You are missing out

If you are not working with Lynn to help you design a strategy to grow your business, then you are missing out. If she is not in your contact list in your phone and helping you with your sales strategy to help you design a strategy to grow your business, then you are missing out. Whether it's her programs, her summits, her talking, or working with her one on one, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Phil Pelucha, Billionaires in Boxers

Knows sales inside and out

Lynn is so enthusiastic about her subject and the people she works with. Her sales program works and delivers because she knows sales inside and out, and with all of her experiences, she has really fine-tuned the sales process. As an entrepreneur, the short-term benefit of the program was how easily I could get into the game and start producing quality sales content and information to people I can give value to.

Lesley Nase, Intuitive Animal Healing

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