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How Can You Create Energized and Relevant Follow-Up?

The first step in maximizing the impact of your prospect follow-up is to know your objective. Take the ubiquitous follow-up call or email: Your objective should be more than just checking in; it should be to move the sale forward in a meaningful way. And while it goes without saying, I’m going to say it: Follow up in a timely manner. Your actions and preparation will set you apart from the competition. Every contact needs to be focused on adding value to your relationship.

These two examples illustrate how you can achieve stronger results with a follow-up call:

  1. “Hi! This is Lynn at ___ Company. I’m checking in on the status of ___. We have new data that you will be interested in. Looking forward to discussing this valuable information with you. Would tomorrow morning work with your schedule?”

This falls flatter than a pancake as a voicemail, and even if you connect, it’s easy for the recipient’s eyes to glaze over and push back.

  1. “Bob, with a 32% decrease in ___, and a 41% increase in ___, you will realize up to a 26% ROI. Would you like to capitalize on these powerful results before your competition? We have two slots available at ___ am or ___ pm tomorrow. A call or email will secure your time. I am so excited about how we can help you, I almost forgot, this is Lynn. Lynn Whitbeck with ___ Company. Number and email.”
How Can You Create Energized and Relevant Follow-Up?

When you connect, the second example will springboard a dialogue to improve your momentum. As a voicemail, it generates urgency and scarcity. Remember to place your name, phone, and email at the end while clearly enunciating. Pace yourself in the voicemail, especially when you reach your contact information. No one wants to listen to a message multiple times to get the phone number!

Delivering relevant content in your follow-up calls and emails is vital. Your enthusiasm and passion are infectious, so smile and be energized in your communications. Keep contemporaneous notes on each prospect contact. This information provides key areas of interest, plans, or challenges for which the prospect is seeking solutions.

My recommended follow-up formula is:

  1. Prospect’s name
  2. Something the prospect wants, needs, or lacks
  3. How they benefit
  4. Minimal actionable commitment
  5. Your contact information

Along with using the same formula, add an image or a graphic that articulates the objective of the follow-up in your emails. High quality images and graphics that mirror your brand are critical. Pay attention to these details as they create a valuable impression. Every part of your communication builds on the foundation you have established of credibility and authenticity. Your follow-up communications are poised to accelerate your momentum when you continuously add value to the conversation.

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